Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blue Ribbon Bakery & Market

Here’s something I’m really excited about: a number of good restaurants in New York City are opening small markets and selling the ingredients that make their food so special. Marlow & Sons and the Blue Ribbon Bakery in Manhattan have done this, and the hugely popular Franny’s in Brooklyn is about to do so. This trend adds to our choices of produce, meat and cheese at the greenmarkets with things for the pantry. Hooray!

The Blue Ribbon Bakery Market, another spinoff of the Broomberg Bros. empire, is actually one of my favorite pit stops in Manhattan. It’s on Bedford only a block away from the Blue Ribbon Bakery and sells the great breads for which BR is known. My favorites are the flax seed loaf, the soft ciabatta, and of course the hamburger buns which I wrote about in my blog on The Spotted Pig. The have a Pullman loaf too which is great for grilled sandwiches like the croquet monsieur. I made one recently that was a major hit.

The shelves and the counters at the BR Market are stacked with many, many jars of raw Mexican honey. When I asked about this bonanza I was told that their restaurant has a honey source in Vera Cruz that produces in it five flavors. My favorite of these is the Vera Cruz orange. I love orange blossom honey with Roquefort cheese, but this one is far better for that combination than any other I have had.

Here are some other things you shouldn’t miss at BR Market: their churned butter, farm eggs, cheeses, and many wonderful kinds of salt. It’s a tiny 400 square foot shop, but they really pack in a lot of great stuff, AND they serve delicious soups and sandwiches during the day.

Bring your GPS. If you don’t know the neighborhood, the shop can be hard to find. It’s worth it though.

Blue Ribbon Bakery Market
14 Bedford Street
New York, NY 10014


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