Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ritual Coffee

Here’s a trend alert from my travels: great small batch coffee roasters are on the rise and the people who appreciate great small batch coffees also know the right method of brewing it—one cup at a time, please!

Awhile back I wrote about London’s Monmouth Coffee and described their four star method of making an excellent cup. I have also praised the Blue Bottle coffee stands that started in Emeryville, Ca. (The Times recently reported that James Freeman of Blue Bottle has purchased a $20,000 machine though this hardly seems necessary). New York City now has Abraço Espresso, another quality operation.

But there is more good news: On a recent trip to San Francisco, I met up with the same friends who introduced me to Blue Bottle. They are OVER Blue Bottle because they think the baristas have way too much attitude. Instead they’ve moved on to Ritual Coffee in the Mission district. Of course I went there and the place was seriously cool--filled with happy people, great service, and great coffee.

I bought a selection of beans to take home. My favorites so far are Bella Vista, El Salvador CoE #9, and La Union, Nicaragua Organic / Fair Trade. Ritual ships so you can get a sampling too and decide on your favorites.


406 542 3509


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