Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valerie Confections Petit Fours

Valerie Gordon and Stan Weightman, founders of the fabulous Valerie Confections, an artisanal confectionary based in Los Angeles, are at it again. They hit a home run a while back with their exquisite toffees and other confections and now they’ve introduced Petit Fours.

Petit Fours really suit my love of great food in small tastes and these are the best Petit Fours I’ve had. Valerie makes up a box of 12 with four each of lemon, rose petal, ginger, and orange. The little cakes are glazed with a delicate white chocolate or dark chocolate glaze--far more pleasant to my mind than the usual thick fondant. All of them were divine but I adored the orange and the rose petal. The former was a dense orange cake with a white chocolate glaze topped with candied orange rind. The rose petal was an intensely flavored vanilla cake layered with lemon curd and finished with a white chocolate glaze and topped with a crystallized rose petal. Over the top!

For Valentine’s Day Valerie made up a box of a dozen rose Petit Fours. So romantic! Everything here has a wonderful handmade quality; nothing feels mass produced. They ship anywhere in the country so treat yourself or someone special.

Valerie Confections


Blogger Gail Cooke said...

As they say, sweets for the sweet, and there's little sweeter to be found than the nonpareil chocolates at Los Angeles based Valerie Confections. To celebrate Valentine's Day this year they've designed two decidedly delectable boxes - Pour Homme and Pour Elle.
A sure way to any woman's heart is with Pour Elle. Chocolates are presented in an ivory tone box tied with pink ribbon. While almost too pretty to open, no one could resist an assortment of large white chocolate hearts with rose petals accompanied by bittersweet chocolate hearts filled with rose petal and passionfruit ganache.
In a chocolate brown box Pour Homme is a masterfully masculine and mouth-watering collection of darkened milk chocolate hearts with almond toffee bits and fleur de sel plus bittersweet hearts filled with liquid caramel.
Never have his and hers gifts been more tempting!
- Gail Cooke

February 2, 2009 at 4:11 PM  

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