Monday, February 18, 2008

Lets Be Frank

Everyone should know about Sue Moore, the queen and creator of Let’s Be Frank, a hot dog stand that has been selling grass fed beef franks in San Francisco’s AT&T ballpark for 3 years now. High quality, healthy, delicious fast food is Sue’s thing, and she deserves a major award for all the trouble she has taken to develop it successfully.

But here is the new news: Sue has recently moved to Los Angeles to bring another stand to the City of Angels where they can surely use it. So go to Culver City where Sue has leased a space Tuesday through Sunday next to the Helms building complex. The LA Times gave her a smashing review in her first week.

But, back to the hotdogs--DELICIOUS. 100 % grass-fed, no hormones, antibiotics, and no filler. They come with a wonderful grilled bun, freshly grilled onions, and, if you want them, homemade butter pickles. Sue also sells a brat dog which I loved as much as the others. It’s a bratwurst made from 100% family farmed pork with a blend of organic herbs and is incredibly juicy and flavorful. This is what fast food can be so everybody take note. Maybe there’s a trend starting here.

Lets Be Frank caters parties which is really cool, so think about that. But go to Culver City and check out the stand. You won’t be disappointed.

Hungry Girl Special

YOU MAY NOT KNOW THIS BUT a good hot dog deserves a good wine, so I stopped by the Bottle King in Culver City and bought a bottle of 2004 Icardi Cortese L’Aurora. The wine was crisp, with slight minerality and was a perfect complement to the hot dogs. Is it legal to drink al fresco like this? Well, no, but no one knew. Sue Moore was so busy she didn’t notice and neither did the customers eager for their dogs. Let's hope these franks will ordered before long so you can enjoy one with a glass of 2004 Icardi Cortese without risking jail time.

Lets Be Frank
Helms Avenue between Washington Blvd and Venice Blvd.
Tuesday through Sunday starting at 11:00 am.


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