Friday, October 12, 2007

Food Shopping in Paris part two

Boucherie Desnoyer

While enjoying a delicious cote du boeuf at Le Severo last year I asked the owner where he got his meat. He told me from the butcher Hugo Desnoyer. I wanted to stop and check it out then but didn’t have time. Finally on this trip I had my chance. Desnoyer not only sells his cotes du oeuf to Le Sevro but to the who’s who of major restaurants in Paris like Chez l’Ami Louis, L’Ambroise and Pierre Gagnaire but also many bistros I’ve not heard of that he recommended I try. Hugo specializes in beef, veal, lamb, poultry and pork which is raised in specific regions in France which according to him is very important because specific soil and grass, let’s say terrior reflect is important.

Walking into the store I was overwhelmed by the displays and wanted to try everything. This is traditional butchering that is harder and harder to find. They bone and stuff everything as well as butchering and have some prepared food as well.

Honestly, I’ve not felt like I could live in Paris until now. I want to try all the various cuts of meats and re-discover all the incredible recipes for some of these classic French dishes. We ordered a terrine of cotes du boeuf which we had for lunch. It was great and Hugo also gave us an amazing pate made with veal and pork to try that was out of this world. I was sorry that I could not buy and grill some cotes du boeuf but on my next trip to Paris I will.

Boucherie Desnoyer
25 rue Mouton-Duvernet
75014 Paris
01 45 40 76 67

Du Pain et des Idées

There is bread then there is bread that is so unbelievably delicious that all of a sudden realized you just ate half a loaf in a matter of minutes. Well that is what happened to me at this bakery. Located near the hippest area of Paris, Canal St. Martin in the 10th arrondissement. This bakery is owned by Christophe Vasseur not only makes his own yeast to leaven his bread but gets flour from a mill that still mills in the traditional way. When I walked in I wanted to taste everything, the brioche, the pain levain, the baguettes but especially something that seemed very curious to me. A pain au chocolate which also had a slice of banana it, not exactly traditional. But when I bit into it I was transported to a distant place. The chocolate and banana were a perfect pairing and the buttery pastry melted in my mouth. Why can’t I eat carbs every second of the day, its not fair. We loaded up and bought a little of everything and at lunch sat and enjoyed all the breads with cheeses after lunch. I should say we devoured the bread with the cheeses. This is one place that I am actually happy is not down the street from me.

Du Pain et des Idées
34, rue Yves Toudic
7510 Paris
01 42 40 44 52


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