Monday, January 22, 2007


The other day while in LA, I was invited to a birthday party. I asked what they were doing for a birthday cake and my friends told me they ordered cupcakes from Sprinkles. Snob that I am, I immediately replied that Magnolia Bakery in New York has the best cupcakes. Well, I was blown away by how gorgeous and delicious the Sprinkles cupcakes were but also by a three-tiered cardboard stand that accompanied the cupcakes. Magnolia offers only chocolate and vanilla flavors with various icings, but Sprinkles offers a very creative lineup of combinations. I loved all of them but especially the Red Velvet. They have special flavors each day of the week and I was so bummed to miss the coconut cupcake but I did get the banana with chocolate icing, which was also fab.

Lets get back to the Sprinkles Cupcake tower. What a cool design. I still can’t get over it. You can order the cupcake tower and easily assemble at home. They even supply ribbon to decorate the sides of each layer, though I actually love the tower on it’s own. In an instant you have a wonderful festive centerpiece.

Here’s another great detail: this is a dog friendly shop and they have cupcakes for dogs. Of course I bought one for my dog Bessie, which she ate right up. I’m still really happy to have Magnolia near my apartment in New York, but I know I will be making a pilgrimage to Sprinkles every time I visit LA.

9635 Little Santa Monica blvd
Beverly hills, ca 90210
Order: 888.220.2210


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