Monday, October 30, 2006

G. Lorenzi Fireplaplace Lighter

Once in awhile a piece of equipment comes along that changes my time worn habits and becomes an object that I can’t live without. As winter approaches and I start cranking up my fireplace, I renew my appreciation of my fireplace lighter from G. Lorenzi, the
brilliant store in Milan.

It’s simple enough device –a long piece of wood that looks like a branch with a butane mechanism inside that operates with a click of a trigger. No matches, no crouching down. There is nothing better than the perfect marriage of function and design and this tool embodies that. You use it and then it leans unobtrusively next to your fireplace until needed again.

When I ran out of butane last winter and had to go back to rolling up paper and looking for matches I realized just how much I loved the lighter and ever since I’ve made sure to keep at least two canisters of butane on hand. Even if you use your fireplace infrequently, you will like this tool as much as I do.

G. Lorenzi ships everywhere but if you ever find yourself in Milan, it’s one shop not to be missed…

G. Lorenzi
Via Montenapoleone, 9
20121 Milano


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