Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ted Muehling Store

My dear friend Ted Muehling recently had a party at his store in downtown Manhattan to introduce the collection of glass he has designed for Lobmeyr of Vienna. Ted is a jewelry designer but in the past decade he has designed porcelain for Nymphenburg, glass for Steuben and bronze with E.R Butler.

Ted’s shop is like a gorgeous still life, and in the back of the store his studio is filled with all the things from the natural world that inspire him.

When Ted has a party I know I’m going to be in for a visual and gustatory feast. ( I have long had the fantasy of doing a dinner in his studio where the table is set using all of Ted’s designs.)
When I first walked to the party I spied a plate of deviled quail eggs. Do you know how much time it takes to peel dozens of a quail eggs? Well his staff does. I hear they couldn’t get the shells off the first batch and had to start all overagain with another batch. The results were divine, and I am going to copy them the first chance I get.

The quail eggs went perfectly with the drinks: Saint-Germain elderflower liqueur mixed with prosecco, and, of course, the Nigel Gruner Veltliner. I have to say that I usually don’t enjoy
drinking wine at a cocktail party but this Gruner is so crisp and refreshing it was perfect for the occasion.

Speck ham, asparagus, butter, mustard and
wonderful Gruyere cheese filled out the table. Simple and perfect. Ted used an exquisite terra cotta and porcelain bowl he had designed with Nympherburg for the ice and it was gorgeous.

The displays in the store were breathtaking, especially the table setting with drinking set No. 279--exquisite hand painted and etched glasses. Ted says he wanted to go back in time and use stemless glasses because, as he points out, water and wine flow equally well from a simple form.

To think that Ted is designing glasses for a company that has had the best designers going back for more than one hundred years is just thrilling.

I’m going to ask Ted if I can do the dinner party I have fantasized about in his studio.
I want to set a table and show off food and wine in beautiful dishes, glasses surrounded by objects of nature, and no one has a better setting for that than Ted.

Ted Muehling
27 Howard Street
NYC, NY. 10013
212.431 3825


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