Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New York, A Winedoggybag State

The other night after a long day’s work in Rhinebeck I called my friend Allen who lives nearby to join me for dinner at Gigi Trattoria, the only really good restaurant near us.

I was driving back to New York City that evening, and though I’m not one to skip a glass of wine with a meal I was reminded by Allen about which allows you to order a bottle, have a glass, have the restaurant seal the unfinished bottle with their cryovac machine (receipt of purchase enclosed in baggy) and go on your way..

In NY, everyone jumps in a taxi or a subway after dinner so the demand for taking an unfinished bottle home is probably not as high, but when you are in the country and you have to drive to get anywhere it’s very useful.

It’s important to me not to drive drunk but I also don’t want to be subjected to mediocre wine by the glass at a restaurant. I’d so much rather order a good bottle and have a glass and finish the rest at home. Honestly, it’s just the coolest idea, and it enabled me to enjoy a bottle of Angelo Gaja’s Ca’ Marcanda at Gigi.

Another little tip: on Wednesday’s Gigi offers 30 percent off on a bottle night, so that’s all the more reason to go for the bottle not just the glass.

I’m not sure every restaurant in New York has the wine doggy bag system in place, but they should. I admit, it is rare for me to leave a NYC restaurant before a bottle is empty, but there are times even when a taxi is nearby that I might want to carry out and carry on later. Wouldn’t you?

Gigi Trattoria
6422 Montgomery street ( Route 9)
Rhinebeck, NY 12572


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