Friday, August 10, 2007

I Live for Bubby’s Burrito’s

For me there is no place like New York or the east coast for that matter in the summer. New York City starts slowing down, and it’s all about getting away for the weekends, going to the beaches, eating great meals with friends and just chilling out. The farm stands are full of great produce and all the roadside food stands are hopping.

Such was my experience last weekend. I went to visit some friends up in Rhinebeck in the Hudson Valley and I stopped at my favorite Farm stand Montgomery Place off of 9G. Right next door to the farm stand is the coolest and most original roadside food stop I’ve been. It’s called Bubby’s Burrito’s. It’s owned by a couple that divides their year between Rhinebeck and San Miguel Mexico where they have another café. They bought a trailer for 200 dollars and set up a little outdoor kitchen and offer a very simple menu. Rice and bean burritos, ( they serve no meat), cheese quesadilla’s and agua de frutas. The food is delicious, simple and the secret is a griddle they use to heat the tortillas for both the burrito’s and quesadillas which add a nice flavor. It’s cash only and when I asked how many burritos’ they sold they were very reluctant to answer. I think more than they want anyone to know about.

I knew I was going so I packed a bottle of 2006 Vietti Arneis on ice which is one of my favorite white wines to drink in the summer, thought it would go well with the food and Indeed it did. Ice cold, crispy, some gorgeous round fruit it stood up to the burrito and quesadilla, no problem. ( they don’t encourage drinking so do so discreetly if at all).

Its grass root operations like this that are so pleasurable because they are real and innocent at the same time and I think more and more people are looking for that these days, especially at lunch in the summer. The crowd is very BARD as they say in the Hudson Valley. Bard University is immediately adjacent to Bubby’s. If you you haven’t seen the Richard B. Fisher Performing Arts Center that was designed by Frank Ghery you are missing one of the most amazing sites ever. I’m going back to Rhinebeck at the end of August and can’t wait to back for a visit.

Bubby’s Burrito’s
Route 9G
Red Hook, NY
Open May thru September
Everyday but Tuesday


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