Friday, September 15, 2006

L'artisan du Chocolate

Thank God this store is across the ocean!

On my last visit to London a friend told me that I had to go to L'artisan du Chocolate. I thought sure, sure, but figured that I'd already had the best chocolate in the world so I wouldn't bother with it. Eventually I went, reluctantly, and let me tell you, I am so glad I did.
This has to be the most creative chocolate shop I've ever been to. Let's start with the liquid salted caramels—round dark chocolate balls that ooze out caramel with the slightest hint of sea salt in the finish. Then there are the Mint Os—paper thin after dinner mints infused with fresh mint with an inspiring Moroccan pattern printed on each one. If that does not make you salivate, there is the Corsican lemon peel dipped in milk chocolate.

It goes on and on. I loved the chocolate bars, especially Lumi which is infused with Iranian sun dried lime. The Origin Ecuador has a finish of malt and cream fraîche. Each chocolate bar was perfection and the Organic Milk bar is the best milk chocolate I've ever had.

I almost forgot the scorched hazelnuts. You bite into one and it disappears in your mouth but you are left with a flavor of toasted hazelnuts and deep dark chocolate and the slightest hint of praline.

I've not even gotten to the couture chocolates. Tobacco chocolate?? I have to stop. Next time you find yourself in London you must get to this store. I hear that at Christmas they have the best Easter egg display in the whole world??? I'm going to try and be there then.


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