Friday, June 2, 2006


My therapist's office is located deep in Manhattan's lower east side so before and after my sessions I've been exploring the neighborhood with great results. First up is September Wines & Spirits on Ludlow and Stanton where they had a 2004 red from Owen Roe, an excellent winery in Oregon state, a promising start.

Then I noticed a 2001 Rioja from Remelluri. I'd just had their white at Le Bernardin which was so unbelievable. I trust the red will be just as good. Lots of great choices, great prices and most important a good edit. Then off to an early dinner at Barrio Chino before it gets crowded and noisy. I start with the fresh grapefruit margarita, (two if it was an intense session) made with top shelf agave tequila, ( I ask for an añejo because I prefer the smoky flavor), and then order their amazing chunky guacamole. After that I have the green chicken enchiladas which have just the right amount of chicken and sauce and are not at all mushy. If I have an early afternoon session I stop by Il Laboratorio del Gelato on Orchard St., the best to-go gelato in New York made from organic milk from Evan's dairy in Norwich, NY. YEAH! My favorite is the mascarpone. (They ship nationwide as well)… If it was a rough session and I need some comfort food I go to Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery and have a chocolate cupcake with white icing. It's a little like Magnolia Bakery but funkier. There is a giant photograph of Jacqueline Kennedy on the wall that I find very comforting. Finally, I check in at Russ & Daughters to see if they have the wild Baltic salmon, which is pale peach in color and the best wild smoked salmon I've ever tasted. That's for my breakfast the next day. Gosh, I hope my therapist never moves.

September Wines & Spirits, 100 Stanton St., NYC, 10002. 212.388.0770.

Barrio Chino, 253 Broome Street, between Orchard and Ludlow, NYC, 10002. 212.228.6710.


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