Sunday, October 7, 2007

Postscript to Wine Bar In Rome

The other evening I ran into Mario Batali at a friend's engagement party. I was telling him about my great meal at Roscioli in Rome and how much I loved eating at wine bars there. He immediately replied, "I only eat at wine bars in Rome. That's where the best food is." So I asked him for a list of his favorite places. Here they are.

Enoteca Cavour
Via Cavour 313 at the forum end of cavour great wine list and fine snackage.

Bottiglieria Ai Tre Scalini
Via Panisperna 251 (near via dei serpenti)

Il Simposio
Piazza Cavour 16
2000 wines 25 by the glass and modern renditions of roman food

Enoteca Il Piccolo
Via del Governo Vecchio 74

Enoteca Cul de Sac
Piazza Pasquino 73
Around the corner from Navona; cramped and fun

Antica Enoteca Beccaria
Via Cesare Baccaria 14

Via di Ripetta 19
Two great pastas, cheese and honey, and cool vibes.


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